Jarin Udom

Ok, tell me something awesome.

Here are some nice things people much smarter than me have said:

"Jarin is a well rounded and an analytical entrepreneur, he has a keen sense of innovation and consumers grasp of technology, a great fit for any organization." Chris Wallace, Co-Founder, 3Crowd

"Jarin is a very talented developer, project manager and thinker. During the time I worked with him I was regularly impressed by his forward thinking ideas and methods. Not only does he have the skills as a developer, but the ability to effectively manage others to get the job done. I observed him lead projects from inception to completion while incorporating innovative strategies and solutions along the way, one in particular that was a first for our industry and an idea all his own. He is extremely knowledgeable and competent in his field and an asset to any company." Robert Swisher, CTO, Business.com

"Jarin is the next best thing to Google. Jarin has the ability to read very complex technical books that take most people months or years to articulate and apply them almost immediately. I witnessed Jarin read a CCNA book twice cover to cover and then pass his exam on the first attempt. My phone a friend call for a million dollars will be to Jarin." Josh Cowan, Senior Network Engineer, Juno Technologies

Cool. Gotten any press?

Smartphone Apps Fuel Business

Diana Ransom interviewed me for an article how independent iPhone developers can help small businesses attract new customers and increase revenue. Mad props to Tobias Lütke of Shopify for hooking up the interview.

Naughty America Is Building An iTunes For Porn

TechCrunch article about Naughty America Direct, an iTunes Store-like Adobe AIR application that I planned, managed, and helped develop. The secret to getting an article on TechCrunch? Write Mike Arrington an email at 3 in the morning, I guess. G4's Attack of the Show also did a segment on it, but it's no longer available on their website.